Mini Egypt Park

A miniature park is an open space that displays miniature buildings and models.

Mini Egypt Park offers a totally different
experience compared to a traditional museum. This is a fantastic trip for our foreign guests which works as a live catalogue for them to recognize the touristic attractions at Egypt, making it easier to choose where to go.
Also it is a fabulous outing for parents or grandparents with children and an extended learning environment for schools.
This is not a hobby for children, but is in fact an adult hobby.
At the Museum we would like to see children accompanied by adults, rather than children coming alone. It is the new
generation of college going adults who should cultivate this hobby, which will be immensely useful to them in real life
The Miniature Museum is very charming, and we should not
underestimate its artistic quality.
The (new) Miniature Museum includes a collection consisting of 60 works of art by well selected artists.
These tiny volumes have not been bought. They are the results of years and years of gift-giving from ancestors. Behind every piece of art is a story of how it came to be part of Mini Egypt's collection that is now housed in one place at Mini Egypt Park.
At Mini Egypt Park you will find our guide accompanied you to a rich tour for this great country in few hours, as you can walk-in from Cairo to Luxor in few steps!
Visit Abu Simbel temple and High dam at Aswan, Passing Edfu temple to the legendary Luxor for Famous Karnak temple,
Heading towards Giza for the miraculous Pyramids, Talk to Sphinx.

No Hidden Fees
No credit Card needed
Private Guide
Wheelchair Accessibility
Free Cancellation